Ideas for Decorating a Karaoke Lounge

Karaoke bars are places where people go to sing and have a good time. They are social settings that are loud and promote a fun atmosphere. There are many different ways to go about decorating a karaoke bar. Ideas on decorating include the theme, design, wall décor and lighting.


Choosing a theme for your karaoke bar is an important first step for decorating. First, you need to decide whether you want it to be a karaoke bar or a bar and lounge. A bar will be an upbeat atmosphere, more like a sports bar. You can make karaoke bar themes like an Irish pub or a sports bar. If you choose to have a karaoke bar and lounge, this will require more swanky décor like dim, colored lighting and couches for people to sit on.


The way you decorate the walls will help bring the theme and feel of the bar full circle. For example, if you choose to have a sports bar, decorate with sports paraphernalia. Hang souvenirs of different soccer teams and beer brands, like Guinness and Harp for an Irish pub. If you choose to have a lounge type karaoke bar, be creative but elegant with your decorations. Use modern décor with lots of geometric accents. Behind the bar is a good place to use squares and lots of colors.

Private Rooms

In your bar, create private rooms also equipped with karaoke gear that people can reserve. Some people are shy about singing in front of other people. But in a room with just their friends, they would be more at ease. You can decorate these rooms with the same theme, or create different themes in each room.


Lighting is essential in karaoke bars. This is a huge part of the décor and the atmosphere created within the bar. There should be light on the stage area where people are singing. Make sure the light is not over the stage, as this will cast unflattering shadows. You want people to feel good when they are singing. Also, having a brightly lit bar will create more energy, but having a dimly lit bar will create more focus on the stage because that is where the brightest light will be.

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