Interior Design Ideas for Townhouses

Townhouses are quite often smaller than their larger counterparts as they are created to house a large number of people in a small area. Interior design for townhouses isn't terribly different than that of standard houses with the exception that décor must appear more open and minimalist to create the illusion of a larger space.

Architectural Elements

Due to their smaller sizes, townhouses are often a challenge to decorate.

Try to retain original architectural elements to give the townhouse a more authentic feeling. Wood plank floors and crown moldings are typical of townhouses. Wood floors throughout a townhouse give an opening sensation as there are no interruptions in the flow of the wood. The crown molding is an excellent topper to a townhouse, giving the space permanent definition instead of allowing the walls to extend into the ceiling.


Create minimalist designs in the townhouse to utilize the space most efficiently. Maintain clean lines throughout furniture, decor and art elements to give the illusion that the room is larger than it is. Keep clutter to a minimum as well so that the eye is drawn toward the large items in the room rather than the smaller, inconsequential items.

Focal Points

Decide on a focal point. A large chandelier, fireplace, large painting or statue works well for this technique. Decorate around the focal point, ensuring that every addition to the room either seems invisible or directly complements the focal point. For a chandelier, other lighting sources are discreet lamps with dimmed bulbs or corner recessed lighting. Don't hang large paintings in the same room with a fireplace or place two large paintings in the same room. Set statues on a pedestal or side table with minimal other items to distract from it.

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