Creative Temporary Wall Ideas

Temporary walls are ideal options for designating separate living spaces in your home without the expensive of installing a new wall.

Pocket Doors

Temporary walls allow flexibility in both design and function. Though standard temporary walls made of pressurized drywall are options for your home, think outside the box for temporary wall ideas that suit your space needs and your personal style.

Pocket doors are normally used as alternatives to traditional doors that swing into the hallway or room and take up space. In contrast, pocket doors slide into a hidden wall compartment so that, when open, the space is unobstructed by the door or any distracting hardware. Large pocket doors are suitable temporary and movable walls, though they require more installation than other kinds of temporary walls. Pocket doors are particularly effective in an open room that is naturally divided by an archway. Open pocket doors that divide a kitchen and dining room during family dinners or keep them shut during formal occasions if you don't want guests to see into the kitchen.

Suspended Walls

Suspended walls extend into the room from the ceiling rather than attach to either the floor or walls. Suspended walls are best matched with modern or contemporary homes because they add an unexpected and abstract design detail that complements modern aesthetics. Consider suspending a wide beaded curtain to divide two separate living spaces. Another option is to create your own suspending wall. Many hardware stores sell bracket systems to secure steel rods from walls or ceilings; after the rod is secured, suspend strands of solid panels made from colored acrylic, hammered metal or even flat, clear picture frames from the rod to create a decorative temporary wall.

Interactive Walls

Turn a temporary wall into an interactive design element with walls that invite guests to leave their mark on your home. Instead of a traditional dry wall or fabric screen, consider lining a temporary wall with cork to create a wall-sized message board. Colorful pins around the edge of the board not only provide functional ways to attach messages, but also provide an option for customized colors or funky shapes. If you want something a bit more classic and understated, opt for a movable black chalkboard. Favorite quotations, weekly calendars, daily menus or creative drawings are all options for covering your board.

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