Small Front Porch Ideas

Small porches can be utilized year-round if you live in warmer climates and nearly as long in cooler climates. They can be an extension of your dining room or eat-in kitchen. Keep it simple when decorating your porch. Patio furniture comes in many different sizes, so you can find a set to fit small areas. Add colorful pillows to your chairs, a few potted plants and a string of lights for an inviting porch.


Front porch

If you enjoy eating outside on your porch, round tables work best. They take up less space than rectangular and square tables and can seat a small family comfortably. Try placing the round table in a corner to keep the space open. Tables are available in many different materials. Wrought iron is very popular, easy to clean and can be found at most home improvement stores. In addition, it is weather-resistant and can be painted your favorite color.

Porch swings work well on front porches and are easy to install. Make sure you have hooks securely mounted to the ceiling.


Plants always look attractive on a front porch and are easy to maintain. For small porches, hanging baskets work well because they don't take up space on the floor. If you have a skinny, rectangular front porch, you could hang baskets of ferns down the front. This will free up space for a porch swing.

Colorful accessories

If you have porch furniture, invest in colorful accessories. Put your plants in brightly colored pots and string up some lights. Add a rug under a table and chairs for a cozy feel. Decorative pillows can add color to chairs and porch swings. If you have space to hang some accessories, try a decorative metal sculpture.


Because your space is limited, make sure you utilize it well. Take advantage of oddly shaped porches by incorporating accessories or having furniture built to fit.

If you have lights on your porch, consider installing a ceiling fan to keep you cool on summer nights. Small water fountains can create a relaxing environment.

Keep in mind how many people you need to accommodate on your porch. If you have a large family, consider benches, round tables or even a picnic tables. The larger the furniture, the smaller the space will feel so try not to have too many pieces.

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