Black & Decker Gizmo Instructions

Kali Schumitz

The Gizmo Twist Mixer is a kitchen appliance manufactured by home appliance company Black & Decker. It is part of several products in Black & Decker's Gizmo product line. These items are primarily lower-priced cordless kitchen appliances, including the hand-held mixer, an electric can opener, a salad dressing mixer and an electric grater. These items use a rechargeable battery and are designed to take up minimal storage space. A small iron, which uses a wall plug, is also part of the Gizmo line.


The Gizmo Twist Mixer is designed to mix, stir, beat and blend foods for cooking, baking and food preparation. It gets its name from the ability to twist it into an L shape, for use like a traditional hand mixer, or to use it in a vertical position for mixing drinks and similar tasks. This mixer holds a single attachment, not dual beaters like a full-sized hand mixer, and has a lower powered motor that may not be adequate for mixing heavy doughs.


The GM200 model comes with beater, whisk and drink mixer attachments, as well as an A/C adapter and a storage caddy that can be mounted on a wall to hold the base and all the attachments. The GM100 model does not have the drink mixer attachment or the caddy. Both models use rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries which should be recycled when they can no longer hold a charge.

Basic operation

To use the Gizmo mixer, first twist the base into the desired position by pressing the twist control button located on the back of the handle and turning the top half of the mixer until it locks into place. Then, insert the desired attachment into the opening at the of the base and twist it, if needed, to lock the attachment into place. Place the attachment into the food you are mixing and select the desired speed.

The mixer has two speeds and its power button toggles between three positions. The middle position is "off," marked with an "o" symbol; the lower position is "high," marked with "II" and the upper position is "low," marked with "I".

Cleaning the mixer

The attachments should be removed from the base before for cleaning and are all dishwasher-safe. To remove the attachment, pull firmly on the bottom of the attachment, where it is inserted into the base, while holding the mixer base in your other hand.

The mixer base can be wiped with a damp cloth or sponge. The mixer base cannot be submerged in water or placed in a dishwasher for cleaning.


The mixer will not operate when plugged in to the A/C adapter, so it is important to allow the device to fully charge before use. For the first use, a full charge takes about 15 hours. Subsequent uses require 12 hours for a full charge. For optimum performance and battery life, Black & Decker recommends that the mixer is allowed to fully run down a charge before it is plugged in again.