Instructions for Roomba Schedulers

The Roomba is a disc-shaped robotic vacuum cleaning machine designed to take the work out of work, at least on your floors. The idea seems to be catching on as its creator, the iRobot Corporation, reports that over two million Roombas have taken up residence in homes worldwide. The Roomba works with the aid of sensors that tell it the location of drop-offs, such as stairways, and the location of corners and obstacles. Newer Roombas are programmable and allow you to schedule them to clean even while you are away.

How It Works

The Roomba robot can vacuum either in cleaning mode or spot mode. In cleaning mode, it calculates the size of the room and adjusts its cleaning time accordingly. In spot mode, it cleans in a spiraling motion within a localized area and then goes back where it started. Since it has the ability to adjust its height, the Roomba will work on almost any floor type except shag carpet. An anti-tangle feature helps it to avoid getting caught up in fringes and tassels. Brushes along its sides take care of walls and corners. Underneath, two counter-rotating brushes and a vacuum scoop up dirt and debris.

A Roomba can be set to vacuum all rooms or, using a feature called a Lighthouse, clean within one room only. Sensors on the Lighthouse set an invisible barrier the Roomba will not cross.

A feature on newer Roomba's is a scheduled cleaning mode. Program the Roomba to begin cleaning at some point in the future and at that time the Roomba will leave its base, complete the job and return to its battery charger home base.


Use the scheduler feature to program Roomba to clean once per day for up to one week in advance. Using the Roomba in between scheduled cleaning does not affect the scheduler.

Scheduling the Roomba is an easy job that most anyone can do. On the face of the Roomba, you will see five buttons; three on the top and two on the bottom. The top buttons are for the day, hour and minute; the bottom buttons set the clock and schedule.

To use the Roomba scheduling feature, first set the current time. Press and hold in the Clock button while using the top buttons to set the current day and time. When finished, release the Clock button and wait for a beep to tell you the time is set.

Setting the schedule is just as easy. Use the same process as for setting the time, but this time press and hold the Schedule button. For example, if you want to schedule the Roomba to clean on Saturday at 10:05 a.m., press and hold the Schedule button, press Day until you hit Saturday, press Time until you hit 10 a.m. and then press Minute until you hit the five-minute mark. Repeat for as many days as you want to schedule, up to a total of seven days. Remember, though, that while you can schedule seven days out, you can only schedule one cleaning per day. After completing each day's schedule, the machine will beep to confirm.

To view scheduled cleaning times, press and hold the Schedule and press the Day button to see any scheduled cleaning times.

Delete a Schedule

To delete a scheduled cleaning time, press and hold the Schedule button and then press the Day button until you come to the day you want to delete. Press and hold the Day button to delete the day and then release the Schedule button. For example, if you want to delete a scheduled cleaning for Saturday, press and hold the Schedule button, press the Day button until you come to Saturday. Press and hold the day button in, wait for the machine to beep a confirmation and then release the Schedule button.

Deleting a scheduled cleaning day is the only time the machine will beep a confirmation before you release the Schedule button.

Change a Schedule

To change a scheduled cleaning time, press and hold the Schedule button, press the Day button to find the day you want to change. When the Roomba displays the schedule for that day, press the hour and/or minute buttons to change the time to whatever you need it to be. Release the Schedule button and wait for the confirmation beep.