Slipcover Alternatives

When you are changing the look of a sofa or couch, the first alternative you might consider--aside from entirely replacing the piece of furniture--is slipcovers.

Throw Blankets

Slipcovers are an inexpensive way to alter the look of a couch, chair or loveseat, but it is not the only affordable option. If you are attempting to give your room a make-over and completely alter the look of the furniture or if you are just hoping to spruce things up and give your room a fresh, updated look, consider some alternatives to slipcovers that can produce your desired results.

Consider the versatility of throw blankets to change the look of your sofa or chair. Throw blankets can be both practical and luxurious. In addition to adding character to your furniture, they will keep you warm. Toss a throw blanket or two on your couch to add color and texture to the existing piece and liven up your room. Lay a velour, cotton or micro-suede throw blanket across the arm of the couch or the back of a chair to create a casual, comfortable feel. Elegantly drape a silk or chenille throw blanket across the entire back length of the sofa to create a sophisticated look.

Throw Pillows

Often overlooked, throw pillows are a simple, easy way to make a dramatic impact on an existing couch or chair. Throw pillows are available in a multitude of colors and fabrics and come in all shapes and sizes. From large fluffy cotton pillows to long oval pillows adorned with tassels and beads, throw pillows can add dimension and character to your room. Purchase throw pillows in varying shades of the color of the couch to bring depth to the look, or buy throw pillows in contrasting colors to brighten up an otherwise bland couch.

Reupholster It

Probably the most expensive option, having your furniture re-upholstered may well be worth the investment. If you have a favorite couch that is undeniably the most comfortable piece of furniture you have ever sat on, chances are you are not going to want to replace it, no matter how worn and tattered the material may be. Even if you are not a professional seamstress, reapplying upholstery is something that you could probably do on your own, with some time, patience and a good tutorial. If not, there are always the professional reupholstering companies to fall back on. Reupholstering allows you to choose any fabric you desire, limited only by what is available in stores and through online manufacturers. You get the best of both worlds, giving your beloved, comfy couch a well-deserved facelift.

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