How to Replace Refrigerator Door Handles

Refrigerator door handles occasionally must be replaced. Sometimes a door handle needs to be replaced to help fit the refrigerator into a new home. Other times the handle becomes damaged during normal daily activity.

Using the new refrigerator door handle.

Whatever the reason, most homeowners can replace a refrigerator door handle using simple household tools and a replacement door handle.

  1. Identify the model number of the refrigerator, which is usually located on the inside of the refrigerator door or on the back of the refrigerator. Use this number to purchase a replacement refrigerator door handle from an appliance parts stores, an appliance retailer or online.

  2. Find the attachment points for the refrigerator door handle. Refrigerator door handles are attached to the door with screws. Some refrigerator door handles extend from the top edge of the door to the bottom edge of the door. The screws attaching these door handles are readily accessible. Some refrigerator door handles attach directly to the front of the door. The screws that attach these handles are covered by a protective plate which you must remove to make the screws accessible.

  3. Remove the protective plate with a flathead screwdriver. Take care during removal so the screwdriver does not slip and cause damage to the front of the refrigerator.

  4. Remove the screws from the top and bottom of the refrigerator door handle with the appropriate screwdriver. Save these screws. Remove the refrigerator door handle.

  5. Hold the replacement refrigerator door handle in place. Attach the new handle with the screws included with the replacement refrigerator door handle using the appropriate screwdriver. Use the old screws if new screws were not included.

  6. Slide the protective plate in place.

  7. Open the refrigerator with the new refrigerator door handle. The new handle should feel firm and should not move. If the handle moves, re-tighten the screws.