Remodeling a Bathroom to Sell Your House

Robert Ferguson

Few areas of your home have as much of an impact on potential buyers as your bathroom. After the kitchen, the bathroom is the most visited and scrutinized room in your home. Money spent on a bathroom remodel can go a long way when it comes to selling a home.

Simple bathroom upgrades will increase its overall appearance.

Smart, inexpensive upgrades can significantly improve the visual appeal of your bathroom and lead to a quicker sale.

Wall Covering

Wall coverings, such as paint and wallpaper, offer the most bang for the buck. Wallpaper should be removed and left out of the equation entirely. It is too definitive and leaves few options for the potential buyer to work with. Nothing improves appearance as well as a fresh coat of paint. Neutral colors are ideal for potential homebuyers because they go with almost any decor. These are good selling points because the potential buyers can move right in without the added expense of wallpaper removal and repainting.

Vanity Cabinets and Countertops

Nothing turns off a potential home buyer more than crusty, corroded, deteriorating vanity cabinets and countertops. Replacing worn-out cabinetry and tops with even the most economical versions available significantly improves visual appearance. Most home improvement centers sell combos that include both the vanity cabinet and matching countertop/sink. Installation is not that complicated and can be completed by homeowners with a limited skill set in home improvement.


Fixtures include faucets, toilets, lighting and bathroom accessories. All of these items offer a good return on your investment when selling a home. While you can install some of the fixtures, others might require the assistance of a professional. In either case, new fixtures provide perspective home buyers with a clean visual appearance of your bathroom that enhances their overall view of your home.

Bottom Line

Before completely remodeling your bathroom to sell your home, you should consider whether you would receive a solid return on your investment. Because people's tastes differ greatly, the money you spend creating that dream bathroom might turn off prospective buyers and cause them to look elsewhere. Sometimes, a blank canvas is better than a painted one. It allows the buyer to create her own version of a dream bathroom without the added expense of removing yours.