Front-Load Washing Machine Spin Cycle Problems

Misty Faucheux

A front-loading washing machine has all the controls and the door to the washer on the front of the unit. Generally, you can stack a dryer on top of such a washer model, saving space in your laundry room. The spin cycle sucks water out of your clothing and pushes the water out of the tub.

Fix washer spin cycle problems to avoid service fees.

If the spin cycle is not working properly, then your clothes may be too wet, causing your dryer to work longer to dry them. Troubleshoot these issues and avoid dealing with repair people.


If your front-loading washer was spinning, then stopped, verify that your power didn’t go out. If so, wait for the power to come back on, then restart the cycle. Check your home circuit breaker and reset it if it was tripped. If you have fuses, look for any black or broken fuses, and replace the blown ones. Your washer won’t spin if the lid is open. Close it, or remove any items keeping the lid from closing. If the washer still won’t start, open the main housing and examine the lid switch, which looks like a small black box with wires. Change out the component if the wires are broken or corroded.

Not Spinning/Pumping

If your washer isn’t spinning or pumping water out of the tub, see if the motor is running. If it’s not, your motor may be overloaded. You may smell an electrical burning smell. Allow the motor to rest for at least 30 minutes. Restart the cycle. If the motor still won’t start, your lid switch is probably burnt out. If the motor is running, open the main housing and examine the pump pulley. Try rotating it. If it doesn’t spin, replace it.

Pumping/No Spin

Your washer may pump water out but not spin. Check the lid switch, clutch, belt and motor coupler. If any of these components are extremely worn or broken, replace them. If you have a reversing motor, it may work in one direction but not the other. In such a case you must replace the whole motor. If these don’t fix the problem, check the basket drive or spin bearing depending on your model. You may hear a loud banging when these components are wearing out. Contact a technician.

Additional Issues

Certain washing machines may skip the spin cycle if the load is unbalanced. Avoid overloading your washing machine and don’t mix large and small clothing items together. Your clothes may be too wet if your washer isn’t reaching the maximum spin speed. Check the clutch, motor pulley and/or belt. If any of these components are broken, falling off or extremely worn, change out the components. Examine your drainage hose if water is returning to the tub after the cycle is done. Allow no more than 4 inches of the drainage tube to extend into the tub, and cut off the excess. Clean the hose if it has a blockage.