Low Ceiling Solutions

When working with an interior space with low ceilings, you can either embrace the low ceiling or use designer tricks to add dimension and height.

Ceiling Tiles

Vertical striped wall coverings add visual height by drawing the eyes up.Vertical striped wall coverings add visual height by drawing the eyes up.
With contrast and visual effects, you can draw the eye upward with drama and color.

Ceiling tiles in soft blue or pale gray will draw the eyes upward and add texture and dimension to the space. Designers will often add additional drama by using metallic additives in the paint, which will throw light reflection around the room adding height and interest.

Vertical Stripes

Vertical lines rendered on walls draw your vision up, tricking you into believing the ceiling is higher than it is. Stripes painted on the walls with the use of masking tape is one alternative; wallpaper in alternating stripes of flat and glossy is another method.

Trompe l'Oeil

Interior designers may opt for a trompe l'oeil method to transform a ceiling into a jungle canopy or a cloudy sky. This technique is intended to artfully remove the ceiling by painting it into something else. Trompe l'oeil should be rendered by a professional for this look to work.

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