How to Make Drawer Dividers for a Baby's Dresser

Baby clothes and accessories are very small and can often get lost in a large drawer. Drawer dividers are the perfect solution to help organize your baby's shirts, bodysuits, pants, hats, socks and other accessories or toys. And, by making your own, you can create sections in the size works best for each drawer.

Dresser drawer dividers help you organize your baby's items.

Step 1

Measure the length, width and depth of the drawer with a measuring tape.

Step 2

Plan how many sections you would like to create in the drawer. For example, you might create three sections horizontally and two vertically, for a total of six sections. Take into consideration what you will be storing in the drawer and how you would like to organize it.

Step 3

Cut your plywood or cardboard. Cut strips 1/2 inch shorter than the depth measurement from Step 1 so they will fit height-wise. Cut the correct length and width for your dividers based on your measurements from Step 1 and how many sections you would like to have in the drawer.

Step 4

Cut slots halfway through the pieces where they will intersect.

Step 5

Interlock the pieces, creating the drawer sections. Glue the pieces together and allow to dry for at least one hour before placing in the drawer.