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How to Fix Noisy Broan Range Hoods

Alexander Callos

Broan is a company that specializes in residential ventilation products. Among its line of products is the silent air-ventilation fan hood, which circulates air for home-use stoves or ovens. The process helps remove odors, smoke or other contaminents from the air. The fan hood is installed directly above the range and comes in various sizes, depending on the type of range you have. Over time, the range hood can become damaged and more noisy when it is running. The extra noise is often caused by the damaged fan. You can fix a noisy Broan range hood and have your fan working like it is brand new.

A range hood helps circulate air over a range.

Step 1

Locate the button located on the front of the range hood and turn on the power. Wait for the fan to pick up speed and determine when the noise takes place. Listen for the noise and figure out if it is constant or intermittent.

Step 2

Locate the screws holding the cover over the range hood in place. Remove them with a Phillips head screwdriver. Set them aside for future use. Pull off the cover and locate the fan. Set the cover somewhere safe so it can be reused after you fix the fan.

Step 3

Inspect the fan and determine if it is cracked or damaged anywhere along the blades. Remove the screws holding the fan in place and take the fan out of the range hood.

Step 4

Match up the blade from the range hood with a new one and install it to the top of the range hood. Tighten it down with the same screws you removed it with using a Phillips head screwdriver.

Step 5

Attach the cover of the range hood back in place. Tighten the screws down and test out the fan to verify that it works properly without making noise.