How to Troubleshoot a Whirlpool Washer Sport Duet That is Not Spinning

Whirlpool has been making washing machines since the early 1900s. Sport Duet washers, one of many models of washers that Whirlpool makes, can malfunction occasionally. If your washer refuses to spin, it may be due to one of several issues you can identify and repair on your own.

It doesn't take long for laundry to pile up if your washer malfunctions.

Step 1

Check the door, or the lid on top-loading models. The cycle can’t be completed if the door, or lid, is not completely closed.

Step 2

Examine the power supply. Ensure that the power cord is plugged into the wall socket. Check the house fuse box or the circuit breaker. The washing machine can’t spin without power.

Step 3

Check the controls. Set the controls properly so the appropriate cycle is selected. Let the machine run through the cycle completely so the washer will spin.

Step 4

Check the suds. When the washing machine has a surplus of suds, the washer starts an automatic suds routine which keeps the machine from rinsing. The original cycle will be completed when the extra suds are removed from the load. Consider switching to a high efficiency (He) detergent.

Step 5

Check the load. Redistribute the items in the washer if they are bunched together. If the load is unbalanced, the washing machine won’t be able to spin. Avoid underloading the washer, since the clothes will clump together and unbalance the machine.

Step 6

Check the position of the washer. Adjust the legs or rollers under the washer so the unit is level. The machine cannot spin if it is unbalanced.