How to Fix a Broken Latch on an Amana Dishwasher

Andrew Todd

Amana dishwashers have a sensor in the door latch that allows the dishwasher's control board to determine if the door is in the open or closed position. The dishwasher will not function if it detects that the door is open, as this could lead water leaking from the dishwasher. If the door latch breaks or cracks, it is difficult, if not impossible, to properly close the dishwasher door. To restore the dishwasher to a working state, replace the door latch assembly.

Step 1

Disconnect the dishwasher's power supply in your electrical panel.

Step 2

Open the dishwasher door, then remove the screws securing the inner door panel to the door. The screws are located on the sides of the inner door panel.

Step 3

Lift the inner door panel off and lean it against the body of the dishwasher to support it.

Step 4

Depress the tabs on the sides of the control board cover and remove the cover.

Step 5

Move the metal brace at the top of the door out of the way.

Step 6

Pull the wires off the two switches on the door latch using needle-nose pliers.

Step 7

Remove the mounting screws securing the door latch assembly to the door, then remove the assembly.

Step 8

Remove the door handle by lifting the two tabs and sliding the handle out of the door.

Step 9

Pull the two switches out of the door latch assembly. Discard the door latch assembly.

Step 10

Snap the two switches into the new door latch assembly.

Step 11

Snap the door handle into the new door latch assembly.

Step 12

Install the new latch assembly in the dishwasher door, using the mounting screws that were removed to secure it in place.

Step 13

Reconnect the wires to the terminals on the switches.

Step 14

Reassemble the dishwasher door by reversing the steps taken to disassemble it.

Step 15

Restore power to the dishwasher.