Hanging Up Speakers Without Drilling Holes

Christina Sloane

Hanging speakers can improve the surround-sound home theater experience while economizing household space. For this reason, many speakers have built-in hangers or pre-drilled keyholes designed to suspend them from a wall mount. Unfortunately, some landlords frown upon drilling holes into the wall. You can use large, heavy-duty picture hooks to hang speakers without creating holes. To avoid property damage, choose picture hooks designed to support the weight of your speakers.

Hang speakers on the wall to keep them out of the way.

Step 1

Choose a smooth surface on which to hang the speakers. Picture hooks will not properly adhere to rough surfaces such as brick, fabric or textured paint.

Step 2

Wash the area thoroughly with rubbing alcohol, using a clean rag. The rubbing alcohol will remove grease and dirt that could interfere with adhesion. Allow the area to dry thoroughly before proceeding.

Step 3

Remove the adhesive backing from one of the picture hooks. Press it on the clean area of the wall firmly but carefully.

Step 4

Hang the speaker from the hook.

Step 5

Repeat the entire process for each speaker you need to hang.