How to Build an Armoire

An armoire is a versatile furniture piece. It has many uses, from storing television and other video equipment to functioning as a computer or sewing station to serving as a storage for clothes and linen. You can buy a ready-made armoire at a department or home improvement store. Or, you can build one for a unique design and style all your own. Read more to learn how.

Build an Armoire
  1. Draw on a piece of paper the armoire design of your choice. If this is your first ime to build an armoire, use simple lines of rectangle or squares. This way when you cut the pieces you won't have to bother too much with a complicated shape. Use a ruler and a pencil. Create separate drawings for the front, left side, right side and back. These drawings will be your guide as you built your armoire. Label each drawing accordingly.

  2. Measure the size of the location where your armoire will be placed. Consider the positioning of the armoire and the location where it will be used for. Also, think about the location of where people will be seated for viewing entertainment media. The TV armoire should be placed where everyone can watch it in the room.

  3. Measure the TV and other entertainment units that will be placed inside the armoire. For this example you can fit up to 27" sized TV.

  4. Cut the 3/4" plywood material for the side panels. Rip it into two pieces at 21" each. Cross cut each to 63". This will give the armoire a depth of 21" and a height of 63". Router the top edges to 3/8" wide, and 3/4" deep. This is done to receive the top panel.

  5. Make a cut-out on the bottom of each side panel for the feet. Use a circular saw to create an opening. Leave 2 1/2" of width and 2 1/2" height for each foot on the left and right side of each side panel.

  6. Cut the 3/4" plywood to be used for the lower front base. Rip one piece at 6 3/4"; crosscut it to 31 1/4".

  7. Cut out the bottom of the front base. Each foot should be 2 1/2" in height and 5" in width. The cut out should be 21 1/4" in width (31 1/4" - 21"= 21 1/4").

  8. Cut the 3/4" plywood to be used for the two drawer fronts. Rip each one piece at 5 "; crosscut at 31 1/4".

  9. Cut the 3/4" plywood to be used as a frame or support for the two drawers. Cut three pieces in 1" height and 31 1/4" width. One piece will go on the upper part, where the upper part of the upper drawer will sit. The other on the middle where the bottom part of the upper drawer and the upper part of the lower drawer meet. Then, the last piece will be placed at the bottom part where the lower drawers bottom sit. Cut four smaller pieces to be attached to each side, measuring 2" in height and 2" in width.

  10. Cut the 3/4" plywood to be used to make four sides of the drawers (2 each), measuring at 18" each. Cut two back sides of the drawer (1 each), measuring 30" each.

  11. Cut the 3/4" plywood material for the top panel. Rip one piece at 4 3/4" and then crosscut it to 31 1/4".

  12. Cut 3/4" plywood material for the door support. Rip one piece at 3 1/2" and then crosscut it to 46". This will be glued and nailed onto the left door panel.

  13. Cut a piece of 3/4" plywood material for the two doors. Cut two pieces at 14 5/16" by 39 1/8" measurement each.

  14. Cut the 3/4" hardwood material for the two, front side braces. Cut two pieces each measuring 1 1/4" by 57 1/2".

  15. Cut 3/4" plywood material and cut a piece at 30 1/2" (width) by 21" (length). This will be used as a top lid or top cover.

  16. Cut the 3/4" plywood material. Cut it at 29 5/8" (width) by 21" (length). This will be used as the bottom panel.

  17. Cut the 3/4" plywood material for the back panel. Then, cut it at 30 3/4" by 62 1/2" for the back panel.

  18. Cut the 3/4" plywood material. Cut tow pieces at at 29 5/8" (width) by 21" (length) measurement each. One will be used as the middle shelf where the TV will sit, and the other will be placed to cover the top drawer frame. It can also be used to hold a video or DVD player.

  19. Cut the 3/4" material to be used as bottom side support braces. Cut the two pieces at 4 1/2" by 21" measurement each. These braces will be the bottom panel's support. Next, glue these braces to each of the side panels.

  20. Cut the 1/4" door molding at 39 1/2" each. Cut one of the ends straight and the other at a 45 degree angle. Cut two pieces at 14 5/16" each. Again, one piece will be straight and the other angled at 45 degrees.

  21. Assemble all pieces using a clamp, glue and nails.

  22. Attach the door panels with hinges.

  23. Place the steel tracks on the inner side of each side panel. Place the corresponding rollers to each side of the drawers.

  24. Drill holes of the back panel for electrical wires and plugs.

  25. Add drawer pulls and door knobs to the cabinet drawers and doors. Add a paint finish or apply varnish or polyurethane. Let dry before using.


  • Use eye protection when operating machinery.

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