How to Repair a Dishwasher Silverware Basket

Most of us have seen older dishwasher silverware baskets that have deteriorated with age. If you have portions of your silverware tray that are unusable because knives or other utensils fall through the holes, make an easy fix with cable ties.

Broken silverware baskets can be fixed with just one item and a few seconds.

Step 1

Determine what width cable tie is needed to bridge the hole in your silverware basket. Larger holes may require you to use one zip lengthwise and one zip across the width of the gap.

Step 2

Thread the tie inside the plastic grid of the silverware basket; run the male end of the tie through the female opening at the other end of the tie, then pull tight.

Step 3

Repeat, if needed, so that the hole is covered completely.

Step 4

Snip off the excess end of the tie.

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