How to Paint Faux Finish Ceilings Eight Different Ways

Faux Finishing a ceiling can add dramatic touch to a room's interior design.The fifth wall, the ceiling, no longer needs to remain a neutral shade of white. From color to dimensional surface design, a paint treatment to a ceiling adds a bit of punch and unexpected color to the area. Here are eight faux paint tips on enhancing the ceilings in a home or business.

A Faux Finished Dining Room Ceiling
    Textured architectural ceiling element in a rustic faux finish
  1. Adding texture to a ceiling can emphasize the architecture of the surface, setting the ceiling apart from the rest of the walls as a defined space. The texture can be in the form of handpainted papers, to actual hand troweled on plasters. Texture adds richness and depth to ceiling areas.

  2. Metallic bronze faux painted ceiling
  3. Metallics are ideal for a ceiling paint treatment because they simply glow. Made up of tiny mica particles, the paint shimmers as light, both natural and artificial, hits the paint from different angles. Whether it is a beautiful chandelier lighting a defined space, or rope lighting around the perimeter of a tray ceiling, the look is stunning. Metallics come in many shades rather than gold or silver. From creams the color of pearls to deep metallic blues that mimic a night sky, metallic ceilings are one of the hottest new trends in decorative painting.

  4. Beige painted ceiling
  5. As simple as painting your ceiling a different shade can make a dramatic difference in a room. By painting the ceiling a dark color, the ceiling will naturally descend, making the room feel cozy and defined. Painting the ceiling a lighter color allows the room to open, and feel larger than it actually is.

  6. Handpainted papers in copper and metallic tones
  7. Hand painted papers look as if they are expensive multilayered paint finishes that take days to create. The papers are hand painted individually by artists prior to installation. The papers cover textured ceilings and create a beautiful piece of art. Hand painted papers are the perfect finishing touch to a master bedroom tray ceiling, where a splash of something upscale and defining is needed.

  8. Stencil designs can be added to tray ceilings with plaster or glaze
  9. The newest rage in ceiling design adds a bit of drama and flair by incorporating architectural stencil design to a ceiling. From a centerpiece around a chandelier or a small leaf stencil around the perimeter of a room, it is destined to be a hit. Hampton Wall Designs has hundreds of designs to choose from, or we can custom create a design based on fabrics or other accent pieces.

  10. http://www.flickr.com/photos/killerfocus/53232243/
  11. Ceilings and skies seem to go hand in hand. Create a sky theme with clouds and angels. From dark cloudy nights for a theatre room to a morning fog in your four seasons porch, clouds will open up a room, and create atmosphere.

  12. http://www.flickr.com/photos/thejourney1972/
  13. Adding a vintage map to a ceiling is a classic and stunning look for a study or library. Vintage maps can be used and blown up to any size desired. By using an actual map versus hiring a muralist to replicate this, saves the homeowner both time and money. For more drama, plaster can be applied to the ceiling to look as if the map was hidden for ages!

  14. The classic finish, a soft aged wash of translucent colors, will add depth and dimension to any ceiling. A colorwash mimics the look of a soft watercolor painting, yet remains subtle enough to blend with the interior of a room. From leather reds to aged umbers, a wash adds richness and depth. Perfect for small hallway ceilings and masterbathroom ceilings.

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