How to Use a Presto Tater Twister

Jessica Reed

The Presto Tater Twister is a small cooking appliance that slices vegetables for you and can create curly fries in seconds. Once you've inserted a potato into the Tater Twister, you can slice it up and bake the pieces for homemade curly fries. Find out how to cut up vegetables and potatoes, and let your imagination go wild. You can cook everything from traditional curly fries to curly cucumber pieces. The Presto Tater Twister is easy and safe to use.

Step 1

Take the inner piece of the Tater Twister, the large white circular piece, and place upside down on the table. The two handles should be on the bottom and not the top.

Step 2

Choose your cutting disc and insert it into the inner piece of the Tater Twister. Insert the disc with the bladed side facing downward. There are two tabs on the side that should snap into place on the inner piece of the Tater Twister.

Step 3

Plug in the main Tater Twister unit, the glass blender-like piece. Insert a potato or other vegetable into the Tater Twister. There are several small studs sticking up in the bottom. Push the vegetable down onto those studs to hold it in place.

Step 4

Push the switch on the front of the Tater Twister to turn it on. Take the inner piece and turn it right side up so you can hold the two handles.

Step 5

Lower the inner piece into the Tater Twister. Position it so the handles line up with the two large slits in the Tater Twister. As you push down, pieces of the vegetable are pushed through the cutting blade.

Step 6

Continue pushing until the inner piece has reached the bottom. Turn off the Tater Twister by pushing the switch on the front into the off position. Take out the inner piece and dump out the cut vegetable pieces onto a plate.