How to Change a Recessed Light Bulb on a High Ceiling

Mark Ritchie

Recessed lighting offers a clean and modern look. It increases the amount of light in a room and updates the look of a room by providing light in specific areas. Recessed lighting if often found in high ceilings and people tend to become confused when tasked with changing the bulb in such a high location. Replacing the bulb is actually an easy and safe process. It does not require using a long ladder.

Replacing recessed light on high ceilings does not require using a long ladder.
  1. Extend the pole to the recessed light fixture.

  2. Place the suction cup over the bulb. The suction cup should stick to the recessed light.

  3. Unscrew the bulb by turning counter-clockwise (lefty-loosey).

  4. Place the new bulb on the suction cup and extend the utility pole to the recessed fixture.

  5. Screw the bulb in by turning clock-wise (righty tighty).