How Do I Change a Filter in a Moulinex Deep Fryer?

Johnathan Cronk

Moulinex offers a line of deep fryers designed with micro filters. The deep fryers use oil, which is heated to a specific temperature to fry cook the food. Moulinex created their fryers to use a specialized filter. The micro filter captures smells and particles, resulting in longer-lasting oil. The Moulinex fryers are equipped with a filter color indicator. Once the indicator changes to red, it's time to change the filter.

  1. Unplug the Moulinex Deep Fryer. Allow the unit to cool if necessary.

  2. Lift the filter housing cover off the deep fryer. The filter cover is on the top of the unit and has small holes in it. Lift the small tab to remove the cover. You will now have access to the filter.

  3. Remove the filter from the housing and discard. The filter sits snugly into the housing. Pick it straight up to remove it.

  4. Place a replacement filter into the unit. Ensure all sides of the filter are securely in the housing. Replace the cover by pushing it onto the unit. Once the cover is secure, the unit is ready for use.