Salter Scale Instructions

Many people equip their kitchens with a Salter scale if they often weigh exact amounts of food, such as for following a diet or a recipe. The Salter scale enables a dieter to follow her regimen precisely by creating specific portions and allowing her to record the number of ounces she consumed. The scale will also calculate the nutritional information. There are a few guidelines to keep in mind if you want to begin weighing your foods.

  1. Set the tray into place on the scale, and turn the scale on.

  2. Press the "g/oz/WT" button to put the scale in weighing mode. Wait until the display screen reads "0.0."

  3. Place the food to be weighed on the scale. Read the weight, which is the large number in the middle of the display. Press and hold the "g/oz/WT" button to switch between ounces, grams and pounds.

  4. Press the "CLR/MC" button until the display shows "000." This means the three-digit food code has cleared. Check the included manual for the scale code of the food you are weighing, and then key in the three-digit code.

  5. Press different buttons in order to determine nutritional information. The "cal" button calculates calories, and the "fat" button shows grams of fat in the portion. Press the "prot," "fibr" and "carb" buttons to obtain a readout of the grams of protein, fiber and carbohydrates in your food. The "chol" and "salt" buttons calculate milligrams of cholesterol and salt.


  • The Salter scale is a sensitive piece of equipment. Take care not to drop it.