How to Remove a Partition Latch

Sarah Coennen

Partition latches come in many shapes and sizes for all kinds of partitions. The main kind of partition latch is a slide latch where one part of the latch slides into the other to secure the partition. There are partition walls and toilet partitions, as well as other bathroom partitions. To the untrained eye, removing the partition latch can seem like a huge burden, but rest assured that removing the partition latch is not at all complicated.

Partitions can be set up in several rooms of your home including the bathrooms.

Step 1

Separate the partition latch.

Step 2

Unscrew the screws on one side of the partition. There should be one screw on either side of one part of the latch and depending on the type of latch, one in the middle and/or on top.

Step 3

Place the small screws into the small cup or container.

Step 4

Continue until all screws are unscrewed. Pull the latches off of the partition.