How to Tie Corsage Bows

A corsage is a small bouquet that is pinned on a woman's clothing on her shoulder or worn on her wrist in celebration of a wedding, prom, or another formal occasion. A corsage consists of a few flowers, such as a carnations, a bow, and a pin or elastic for wearing it. The bow keeps the flowers and any other elements in place while the corsage is worn. Materials for the bows include lace, satin, silk, and cotton.

  1. Cut 1 1/2 yards of ribbon with a scissors.

  2. Hold one end of the ribbon between your forefinger and thumb.

  3. Make a loop upward, with your other hand, and then another one downward. Make loops in proportion to the flower size.

  4. Twist the ribbon halfway in the center with your forefinger and thumb. Continue making loops upward and downward working clockwise until you have six loops, twisting the ribbon halfway in between each upward and downward loop.

  5. Make four slightly smaller loops to fit between the six larger loops to fill out the bow.

  6. Tie the loops together with a piece of fine gauge wire. Tie the wire where your forefinger and thumb are holding the ribbon.