My Frigidaire Oven Won't Open

Chad Buleen

Many Frigidaire oven models include several functions that can be set and reset by using the pads on the front control panel. While many of these pads are designed to help you make sure the meal you are preparing comes out as delicious as possible, there are other features that are included to keep people safe. For example, you can set a lockout feature that makes it difficult to open the door for anyone who does not know how to turn off the feature. If you cannot open your Frigidaire oven, you must disable this feature.

Step 1

Locate the icon on the control panel that looks like a lock. This is the lockout pad.

Step 2

Press the lockout pad for three seconds. The message "door OPn" will flash on the display and the oven will beep. The lock icon also will flash.

Step 3

Wait for the lock icon to stop flashing. You now may open the oven door.