How to Dismantle an Air Conditioning Unit

If you do not regularly clean and maintain your air conditioning unit, it may begin to put out unclean air, and could produce electrical problems.

Occasionally dismantle your air conditioning unit for cleaning and general maintenance.Occasionally dismantle your air conditioning unit for cleaning and general maintenance.
Practicing general maintenance by dismantling your AC unit may prevent these problems from occurring. You can dismantle your home air conditioning unit with a couple basic tools without the help of a HVAC technician.

Pull out the air conditioner's power cord from the electrical outlet and remove any plastic or wood materials securing the AC unit to the window. Enlist a helper to hold one side of the unit while you secure the opposite side with your hands. Raise the unit out of the window and set it on a solid work surface.

Slide out the air filter from inside the AC unit if you are able to. Many AC units allow you to easily slide the filter from a compartment, while others may require you to remove a plastic cover secured with screws. Remove the screws with the appropriate type of screwdriver, if necessary.

Loosen and remove the Phillips-head screws or unhook the plastic retention latches from the AC unit's front cover. The cover will be a large plastic piece that hides the unit's motor. Gently lift the cover from the AC unit and place in a safe location for later.

Things You Will Need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver