How to Change the Color Panel on a Bosch SHX46A02UC/23 Dishwasher

Meredith Jameson

The Bosch SHX46A02UC is a custom-panel dishwasher that offers several features, including an Energy Star rating, leak protection, variable wash cycles, sanitize wash and dry, adjustable racks, flow-through water heater, electronic control panel and a changeable color panel on the front of the unit. New color panels are available through Bosch and online and you can buy them to match a kitchen design or cabinet color. Changing this color panel is possible with a few tools.

Step 1

Turn off and unplug the Bosch dishwasher.

Step 2

Pull open the dishwasher door halfway. Locate the screws on each side of the dishwasher panel and remove with a Philips head screwdriver. Set the screws aside.

Step 3

Remove the metal trim from both sides of the dishwasher. Slide the existing panel towards the right and remove.

Step 4

Pull away one corner of the plastic film on the new Bosch panel and gently remove the film from the entire panel.

Step 5

Slide the panel onto the dishwasher front starting at the right side of the dishwasher. Push gently until the panel is positioned fully on the dishwasher.

Step 6

Set the trim back on both sides of the dishwasher and secure the screws.