How to Take Off Ceiling Speaker Grill Covers

Charlotte Johnson

Surround sound can enhance your home entertainment experience dramatically. Some homeowners install speakers in their ceilings to help deliver surround sound. If you have ceiling speakers, you may need to inspect them from time to time. Dust and dirt can build up in the grill cover of the speaker. Removing the grill cover allows you to clean the cover and to replace the speaker if you are having technical problems.

A metal tool with a flat edge is handy for removing speaker covers.
  1. Position a stepladder below the speaker, but not directly underneath it. You'll need the ladder a foot or two to the side of the speaker in order to be able to reach it comfortably.

  2. Loosen any screws that may be holding up the speaker's grill cover and save the screws for reinstallation.

  3. Insert the edge of a flat-head screwdriver or a pocket knife into the crack between the speaker cover and the ceiling.

  4. Pry the cover away from the ceiling gently by working your way around the perimeter of the speaker cover with your screwdriver or knife.

  5. Support the cover with your free hand so that it doesn't fall when completely loosened. Use this hand to remove the cover from the ceiling.