Assembly Instructions for a Bissell Proheat Pet

Matthew Ferguson

The Bissell Proheat Pet uses a combination of cleaning solution and suction to provide deep cleaning action to carpet and upholstery. You may have just purchased the Bissell Proheat Pet, and you're eager to give your new machine a try. Opening the box, you find the machine requires some assembly. Fortunately the parts are few. Clear a space on your floor, and take a moment to assemble your Bissell Proheat Pet properly.

  1. Grasp the triangular-shaped upper handle, which is sitting separate from the body of the Bissell Proheat Pet.

  2. Orient the upper handle so that the curved portion is facing the rear of the vacuum, and slide the upper handle onto the the lower handle. The lower handle is already attached to the base of the machine.

  3. Locate the tool caddy. The Bissell Proheat Pet comes in three components: the upper handle, lower handle and tool caddy. The tool caddy will be the only component not yet assembled.

  4. Insert the bundled power cord on the lower handle through the opening in the tool caddy from the caddy's smooth side.

  5. Align the four holes on the caddy with the four holes on the upper and lower handles.

    Locate the two nuts, two bolts and two screws supplied with the Bissell Proheat Pet.

  6. Place a supplied hex nut against one of the upper two tool caddy holes and hold it steady while inserting a bolt through the hole from the front of the machine.

  7. Tighten the bolt into the nut. Install the second nut and bolt into the second upper tool caddy hole. Tighten this bolt as well.

  8. Insert the first screw into one of the lower two tool caddy holes. Insert these screws from rear rather than front of the machine.

  9. Use the Phillips-head screwdriver to tighten the screw. Install the second, and last, screw into the last tool caddy hole. Tighten the screw, again using the screwdriver.

  10. Wrap the cord around the upper and lower power cord quick release, on the tool caddy. Use the brackets at the side of the Bissell Proheat Pet tool caddy to store the flex hose.