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How to Replace a Light Bulb in a GE Monogram Advantium

Lisa Wampler

GE manufactures several different series of appliances. The Monogram indicates the dual heating source technology used to power the microwave. Most of GE's microwaves hang over the range. Therefore, most GE microwaves have a light bulb built into the bottom to illuminate the cook top of the range. When the light bulb burns out, you have no light source to see what you are cooking on the stove. This is the easy bulb to change.The Monogram also has a bulb built in to the microwave and used to cook food. The process of replacing this bulb is labor intensive.

Over Range Bulb

  1. Locate the plastic window on the bottom of the microwave that allows access to the bulb. It has one screw in it, and on one end it has the word "Push" imprinted on it.

  2. Remove the screw from the window with a screwdriver.

  3. Push on the window with your thumb. The window mounts to a hinge on the end that reads "Push."

  4. Push in on the bulb and rotate it one-quarter turn and then pull the bulb out of the appliance.

  5. Place a bulb of the same wattage into the socket inside the microwave.

  6. Push in on the bulb and turn one-quarter turn to lock it in place.

  7. Tighten the window in place with the original screw and the screwdriver.

Internal Bulb

  1. Disconnect the microwave from its power source.

  2. Release the retaining clips that secure the microwave under the cabinet and pull the microwave off its hanging brackets.

  3. Remove the 23 sheet metal screws that secure the shell of the microwave to the bottom of the microwave framing and then lift the shell off the microwave.

  4. Position yourself at the rear of the appliance and locate the silver box in the front left side of the appliance. Remove the two sheet metal screws with a screwdriver to remove the cover off the box. This exposes the light bulb.

  5. Pull the old light bulb out of its socket. The bulb has two prongs and plugs into the socket. It does not spin into the socket like a normal light bulb.

  6. Remove the replacement bulb from the packaging. Do not touch the bulb with your skin. Use a pair of rubber gloves to prevent getting grease onto the bulb. This will prolong the life of the bulb.

  7. Plug the new bulb into the socket. Place the cover onto the box and secure it with the two sheet metal screws and the screwdriver.

  8. Slide the shell onto the microwave and inset all of the screws.

  9. Position the microwave under the cabinet and lock it in place with the retaining brackets.