Cleaning Instructions for Henny Penny Commercial Fryers

Henny Penny fryers are commercial fryers designed for use in a restaurant, hotel, café or other large kitchen environment.

The fryers offer cold zones below the heating units to reduce oil crackling and to maintain more even heating, as well as an integrated cooking rack system and melt modes to prevent the oil from breaking down too quickly. Cleaning the fryer on a regular basis is necessary for proper functioning and maintenance of the unit.

Turn the Henny Penny fryer "Off" and verify that the filter drain pan is set below the drain valve. Note that if the filter drain pan is not in place, hot oil may splash and result in the possibility of burns.

Pull the drain valve knob out slowly to remove hot shortening from the cookpot. Close the drain valve and discard the shortening. Slide the empty filter pan under the fryer.

Lower the lid to the lid stop and move the lid back. Fill the cookpot with hot water to the fill indicator. Add approximately 8 ounces of fryer cleaner to the water and mix completely. Set the fryer to "Boil."

Scrub inside the cookpot and around the top of the fryer and the lid. Turn down the temperature if the cleaning solution begins to foam.

Turn the main power to "On" and open the drain valve. Drain out the cleaning solution and discard.

Close the drain valve and refill the cookpot with hot water to the fill mark. Add 16 ounces of distilled vinegar and set the cookpot to "Boil." Use a clean brush to scrub the inside of the cookpot and the lid liner.

Drain the vinegar water and discard. Rinse the cookpot with clean, hot water and then dry thoroughly. Refill the fryer with fresh shortening.

Things You Will Need

  • Fryer cleaner
  • Vinegar
  • Scrubbing brushes
  • Towel(s)
  • Container


  • Wear protective gear and use caution when cleaning the fryer, as hot oil, cleaner, vinegar and water can all cause burns, as can the hot surface.

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