How to Troubleshoot a Maytag MAH6700AWW Front Loader

The Maytag MAH6700AWW is a front loading washing machine that offers cycle selections such as colors, quick wash, hand wash, sanitary or super wash, as well as variable wash temperatures, spin speed, soil level and cycle options such as delay wash or control lock. The washing machine should work well under most circumstances with regular maintenance, but problems may still arise. If this happens, owners may want to consider some troubleshooting efforts.

Plug the Maytag washing machine into a grounded three-prong outlet if the machine does not start. Replace or restart the fuse or circuit breaker and close the washer door firmly. Make sure the water faucets are turned on all the way and press the "Cycle Selector" dial to begin the wash cycle.

Straighten out the water hoses if the water faucets are turned on all the way and the washing machine is not filling with water. If the unit continues not to have water, disconnect the water hoses and clean out the screens inside each hose before reconnecting.

Change the "Detergent Selector" to the up position if powdered laundry detergent is being used and there is residue in the dispenser after washing.

Make changes to the washer feet if the washing machine is rocking, is noisy or is vibrating during use. Pull the washer away from other objects and rebalance items inside the washer. Over-full loads are more likely to create vibrating.

Look at the household water heater if the washer seems to fill with water that is the wrong temperature. The water heater should be set at a minimum of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Check the water hoses and turn on both faucets fully. Note that the water temperature may change during various stages of the wash cycle.

Push the door closed firmly if the washer will not spin or drain. Straighten out the drain hoses and check the circuit breaker or fuse. Reset if necessary.

Tighten the hose connections if there is water leaking and remove some items from the washing machine. Use only high efficiency (HE) laundry detergent in the unit, as other types of detergent may cause over-sudsing.

Press the "Cycle Selector" dial to pause the washing machine and redistribute items if "dc" appears on the control panel, indicating that there is an unbalanced load.

Close the door firmly if "dS" appears on the control panel, indicating that the door is ajar.

Press "Power Off" and wait a few minutes before restoring power if any other power code appears. Select a new cycle and press the "Cycle Selector" dial to begin. Contact Maytag for assistance if the code continues to appear.

Things You Will Need

  • High efficiency detergent
  • Clean cloth(s)

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