How to Remove Window Tint From House Windows

Window films are used on houses for many purposes, including glare control, heat control, privacy and decoration. Commercially, however, window films are used to reduce glare and heat exposure to the rooms they are installed in. But how do you remove the film if you no longer want it or need it in the windows? It's easy.

Windows covered with smoke glare control film
  1. Lift up one of the upper corners of the film with the help of a razor blade or utility knife. Do the same with the other corner. Pull both corners toward the middle of the window. Then pull the film away from the window from the top down.

  2. Continue to peel the film away from the window until it is completely removed.

  3. Remove any small pieces of film left on the window with a razor blade scraper. Look around the perimeter of the window to be sure all of the film has been removed.

  4. Spray the window with a window film removal solution, such as Gila, and wipe the window with a clean cloth rag. This will remove the adhesive left on the window. Then spray the window with window cleaner and wipe with a cloth rag to give the window a final cleaning.