Color Me Bad: Craziest Colors to Grace the Red Carpet

What colors you wear can say a lot about you -- wearing black means power and authority, for instance -- and it takes a confident woman to risk wearing an unusual color on the red carpet.


What colors you wear can say a lot about you -- wearing black means power and authority, for instance -- and it takes a confident woman to risk wearing an unusual color on the red carpet.  Unique colors are a fresh break from the everyday reds, blacks and nudes that seem to inundate the carpets at every event, but that doesn't mean they're an instant hit.

Check out some of the most unusual, unexpected and just plain bad colors ever to grace the red carpet. 

Blue Heaven

While white and blue are certainly not novel colors at Hollywood events, these two colors combined to create the unusual psychedelic pattern seen here on "Ringer" star Sarah Michelle Gellar at the 2012 Golden Globes.  Equal parts tie-dye and paint-in-water, this gown had everyone talking during the show and for weeks afterward.

Pretty in Peach?

Actress Emma Stone made enough of a statement at the 2011 Golden Globes when she showed off a new blonde 'do in place of her usual ginger locks.  But it was her dress -- and its unusual hue -- that really drew attention from both fans and fashion critics.

Although the peachy shade is beautiful in itself, the color almost perfectly matches her skin tone, completely washing out her fair skin. 

She's a "Tin"

Metallics are having their time in the spotlight again, but they're often seen in shades of glitzy gold and deep bronze.  Actress Hilary Swank wanted her moment in the spotlight, too, which is exactly what she got in this sleek and shiny gown at the UK.

"Conviction" premiere in 2010.  Although the slim fit, loose hair and natural makeup helped Hilary look like a 10, this silvery getup made her look like tin foil.

Here Comes the Sun

Although many women play it safe in muted silvers or classic reds, some gutsy stars like to push the envelope when it comes to bold and bright colors.  Actress Paula Patton brought a ray of sunshine to the otherwise nude-heavy 2012 Golden Globes in this brilliant yellow gown, but the super-bright hue left some shielding their eyes.

Bold in Browns

The light-to-dark ombre trend continues in everything from stylish hairstyles to fabulous gowns, like the one seen here on "Mad Men" star Christina Hendricks at the 2011 Costume Institute Gala.  Even though the tans, bronzes and browns look gorgeous with Christina's porcelain skin and her fiery red hair, this dark pattern is anything but modern.

The Little Mermaid

This interesting gown -- seen here on actress Evan Rachel Wood at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards -- comes in a deep shade of green, a color known for making people feel peaceful and content.  However, the combination of feathers and sequins pulls the outfit in two crazy directions and makes her look more like a green-with-envy mermaid than a "Best Dressed" contender.

Too-Brilliant Blue

This bright shade of blue, shown here on singer Rihanna at the 2011 Brit Awards, isn't seen often on the red carpet -- and for good reason.  Although blue tones typically give off a relaxing vibe, the saturated pop of color on this gown quickly gets your heart racing -- whether that's good or bad depends on you.

Mafia Princess

Pop princess Britney Spears has had her fair share of crazy and beautiful red carpet outfits.  But this orange and pink tie-dye coat -- worn here at the 2000 Billboard Music Awards -- is only one of those things: crazy.

Though the peach-orange shade doesn't wash out her complexion, it makes her faux-tan look even more fake, making her a perfect addition to "Jersey Shore". 

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