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How to Replace the GE Profile Wave Guide Cover

Kenneth Crawford

The wave guide cover in your GE Profile microwave serves two purposes. The first is to direct the waves from the magnetron to cook your food. The second is to prevent bugs and food debris from getting inside the working electronic components of your microwave. When your food is not cooking or sparks are emitting from the wave guide, it is time to replace the wave guide. You will need to get the model number of your GE Profile microwave when ordering the replacement wave guide. The model number is on the inside of the door opening. Replacement wave guides are available at appliance repair centers and from GE.

Step 1

Unplug the GE Profile microwave power cord from the outlet. Open the microwave door and remove the glass plate and the ring with wheels in the center of the microwave.

Step 2

Find the metal wave guide shield either on the right side of the microwave or the ceiling of the unit. The wave guide is a metal shield with a single securing screw.

Step 3

Remove the securing screw with a Phillips screwdriver. Slide the wave guide down, disengaging the upper corners from the microwave. Remove the wave guide completely from the unit.

Step 4

Clean the area around the hole that the wave guide covers, using a damp rag. This area must be clean so the wave guide seals the hole completely.

Step 5

Insert the top corners of the wave guide into the two slots on the inside of the microwave. Align the mounting hole on the wave guide with the mounting hole on the microwave. Secure the wave guide with the screw.

Step 6

Place the roller ring and plate back in the microwave. Shut the microwave door and plug the power cord into the wall outlet.