How to Replace the Door Handle on a Maytag Range

Kenneth Crawford

Learning how to replace a door handle on a Maytag range will save you money and time. When the handle breaks because of wear and use, a new one should be ordered. The handle can be ordered online at one of the many businesses that deal with Maytag appliances. You will need to give them the model number to your range. Once the new handle is obtained, it can be replaced quickly.

  1. Open the door to oven halfway and grab it on each side. Lift up on the door to disengage it from the hinges and set it in an area you can work on it.

  2. Stand the door on its bottom. The door does not need to be taken completely apart.

  3. Maytag Door
  4. Remove the two screws that hold the face of the door to the inside panel using a phillips head screwdriver.

  5. Spread Maytag Door Apart
  6. Spread the panels apart enough that the inside of the face panel can be accessed. Do not remove the insulation, but push it toward the inside panel of the door.

  7. Remove the retaining nut on each side that holds the handle to the door using an appropriate size socket wrench.

  8. Remove the old handle from the door. Line up the new handle and attach it to the door using the retaining nuts.

  9. Push the inside panel back into the face panel. Line up the holes for the attaching screws at the top. Tighten the screws without over tightening them.

  10. Replace the door back into the hinges and close the door.