How to Change the Belt on a Hoover Foldaway Widepath

Brad Maddy

The belt on your Hoover vacuum cleaner should be replaced periodically. As the belt wears out, it tends to stretch and doesn't provide sufficient tension to rotate the agitator roller. The belt is a user-replaceable part available for purchase at most home-improvement stores. If you notice that your Hoover Foldaway Widepath vacuum cleaner isn't picking up debris like it used to, check the belt. Replacement is easy and can be done in a few minutes.

Replacing the Belt

  1. Power off the vacuum cleaner and disconnect the power cord from the wall.

  2. Lay the vacuum down so that the bottom of the vacuum is exposed. Locate the two screws on the front of the agitator roller housing area. Remove two screws with your Phillips-head screwdriver.

  3. Press the release button and lay the vacuum flat so that the bottom surface is flat on the floor. Locate the two screws at the rear of the plastic hood and remove them with your screwdriver. Remove the hood cover from the top of the vacuum.

  4. Locate the two screws behind the agitator roller cover, and remove them with your screwdriver. Remove the agitator cover.

  5. Remove the agitator roller and the used belt from the cleaner cavity. Throw away the old belt.

  6. Install the new belt over the motor pulley, making sure that the belt displays lettering on the outside rather than the inside of the belt. Install the agitator roller through the belt, taking care to align the belt with the roller's belt guide.

  7. Place the end of the roller opposite to the belt into its rectangular slot, then pull the belt tight as you insert the other end of the agitator into place. Rotate the agitator to verify that the belt moves smoothly.

  8. Reinstall the agitator cover and two screws. Replace the plastic hood and the two screws at the rear. Raise the bottom of the vacuum up and reinstall the two screws at the front of the agitator housing.