How to Set a Genie Door Opener

Programming a Genie garage door opener is a simple process that should not take longer than five minutes to complete. Although programming a garage door opener might sound difficult, it actually is quite simple when you follow the instructions properly.

  1. Open the plastic cover of the door opener halfway. Hold down the "#" and "8" keys on the keypad while pushing up the rest of the plastic cover at the same time. This motion will tell the garage door opener that you wish to program it for use. You will know that the process has been completed properly when the LED backlight on the keypad remains lit.

  2. Press the following numbers on the keypad in this order: 3, 5, 7 and the "#" sign. After that initial code has been entered, type your desired key code into the keypad, then press the "#" sign. Choose a password that you can easily remember but will not be easy for a possible intruder to decipher.

  3. Press the "up" button on the directional pad three consecutive times, followed by the "star" key. Close the plastic cover to the keypad, then open it again. Enter the code you just programmed for the garage door. If the doors opens upon the completion of the code, the process is complete.

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