How do I Reset the Combination of a ShurLok Combination Key Cabinet?

ShurLok combination key cabinets are steel cabinets designed to hold and secure keys.

Each cabinet has a die-cast solid-metal keyless cam lock--a horizontal dial combination lock called the Combi-Cam. The Combi-Cam is preset by ShurLok before shipment with a "0-0-0" factory code. ShurLok has designed the Combi-Cam with a reset button embedded into the exterior edge of the lock for users to quickly reset the lock to a new code of up to 1,000 combinations.

Align the three horizontal dials under the Combi-Cam's pointer mark to match the factory code or your three-digit combination.

Push the reset button on the lock edge with the end of a paper clip, pushpin or pen tip and hold the button in this position.

Turn the horizontal dials so that the new combination that you want rests beneath the pointer on the Combi-Cam.

Remove the paper clip, pushpin or pen from the reset button to set the new combination.

Things You Will Need

  • Paper clip, pushpin or pen


  • If the new combination doesn't work, repeat the reset process from Step 1 using the old code, making sure that the number of the code lines up directly beneath the pointer mark so that the lock recognizes it. In Step 3, make sure again that the new code aligns directly beneath the mark.

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