How to Change a 38528-027 Hoover Belt

Hoover vacuums use a belt that goes around the motor spindle and agitator brush roller to operate the brush roller when vacuuming. A roller that is not spinning most often has a stretched or broken belt that requires replacement. The Hoover Breathe Easy and Soft & Light upright models use the Hoover replacement belt number 38528-027. The belt is available at vacuum repair shops. Unlike other models of vacuum, these Hoover models do not require full head disassembly to access the belt.

  1. Unplug your Hoover vacuum power cord from the electrical outlet.

  2. Press the handle release foot switch and lower the handle to the floor. Turn the vacuum over so that the bottom of the vacuum is facing you.

  3. Remove the four screws securing the bottom plate with a Phillips head screwdriver. The bottom plate is the plate that covers the agitator roller opening.

  4. Lift the end of the agitator roller that does not hold the belt. This part of the agitator has a square end that fits into a notch inside the vacuum head. Pull the opposite end away from the vacuum head until there is slack in the belt, if the belt is intact.

  5. Pull the belt off the motor spindle and away from the end of the agitator roller. If the belt is broken, remove all parts of the belt from the vacuum head.

  6. Place the new 38528-027 Hoover replacement belt around the motor spindle. Place the belt around the end of the agitator roller and line the belt up with the channel on the roller. Insert the belt end of the roller into the vacuum head. Press the squared end of the roller into the other side of the head.

  7. Position the bottom plate over the agitator roller and secure with the four retaining screws. Turn the vacuum over and raise the vacuum handle.

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