How to Program a Lux TX1500 Thermostat

Having a working air conditioning and heating unit is important for any home.

The Lux company produces heating and cooling products that can be professionally installed in your home to keep you comfortable in both winter and summer months. After this system is installed, you will have a Lux TX1500 thermostat that will allow you to fully control the functions of your heating and cooling system. By using the programing dial and the LCD display on the thermostat, you can program your system with ease.

Use the "Heat/Cool" switch to select the mode that you want to program into your Lux TX1500 thermostat. The mode you switch to will turn on that function and set it to the temperature you choose later in the process.

Rotate the selection dial to either "Weekday Program" or "Saturday Sunday Program" to choose which type of day you want to program. Setting the mode to weekday will set the temperature settings for each day during the week, while the second setting will allow you to set the temperature for weekends.

Press the up and down buttons to change the time that your air conditioner or heater will turn on during the morning. You will see "Morn" displayed on your screen, indicating you are programing the morning start time. When you have reached your desired start time, push the "Next" button. Press the up and down buttons to program the temperature you want your system to reach at that time. When you have selected your temperature, press the "Next" button to save the temp. Pressing the "Next" button will cycle to the next portion of the day. You will see "Day" on the screen.

Repeat Step 3 to program the time and temperature for during the day. When you press "Next" you will move to the settings for "Eve" and then "Night." Choose your settings, pressing "Next" after each one to move through the programming process.

When finished, turn the programming dial to the "Run" position. This will begin the programing you just set and start the system at the desired time to reach the desired temperature.

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