Instructions for the BeerTender

Mary Lougee

Krups manufactures the BeerTender for home dispensing of draught beer. Heineken and Heineken Premium Light 5 liter kegs fit the appliance. The BeerTender chills the DraughtKeg to the desired temperature and dispenses beer through the tap into a glass or mug. This appliance includes a 30-day calendar countdown for a fresh tasting draught beer and a keg level indicator.

The BeerTender chills and dispenses draught beer at home.
  1. Place the Krups BeerTender on a level sturdy surface near an electrical outlet. Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet. Push the power switch on the front up to turn the appliance on.

  2. Snap the draught beer tube onto the DraughtKeg of beer. The tube presses down into the plastic tab portion on top of the keg. The loose end will protrude from the hollow area in the top lip of the keg.

  3. Press the cover release on the front of the BeerTender to open the lid. Turn the tab spout counterclockwise to open. Place the DraughtKeg into the BeerTender from the top with the draught beer tube facing forward.

  4. Turn the tap clockwise and snap it into the BeerTender front. Lower the lid until it clicks closed.

  5. Place the drip tray in front of the BeerTender with the grate on top of it. Set the desired chilling temperature on the right side of the display panel. Let the appliance reach the set temperature on the top temperature readout before dispensing beer.

  6. Press the "C" button on the control panel to enable a 30-day calendar countdown on the keg. The display will show 30 and reduce by one number each day to warn you when the keg is 30 days old and the beer may loose some of its taste.

  7. Rinse a glass with cold water and hold it at a 45-degree angle under the tap. Pull the tap handle down to dispense beer into the glass. Push the tap handle up to stop the flow of beer.