How to Reprogram a Frigidaire Stove

Chad Buleen

After you first install your Frigidaire stove, you must program it so that its settings and features work the way you want. If you need to move the stove or if the stove loses electricity, you may need to reprogram the appliance. This process requires you to reprogram a few settings.

Reprogram the Clock

  1. Press "Set Clock."

  2. Enter the time you want by using the number pad to type the numbers.

  3. Press "Start."

Turn Off 6-hour Energy Saving Mode

  1. Press and hold the "Timer On/Off" button for six seconds.

  2. Press "Self clean." This toggles between "6 Hr Off" and Stay On."

  3. Press "Start."

Change from F to C

  1. Press and hold "Broil" six seconds.

  2. Press "Self-clean" to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

  3. Press "Start."