How to Program Chamberlain Keypads

Chamberlain garage-door opening systems feature an electronic keypad that is mounted outside your garage, allowing you to operate the system using a four-digit personal identification number. Since the keypad's other functions are programmed at the factory, keypad programming is as simple as choosing and setting your PIN. Thanks to a user-friendly programming process, programming a Chamberlain electronic keypad can be done in one minute or less.

Step 1

Enter your desired four-digit personal identification number into the Chamberlain electronic keypad. Press the "Enter" button on the keypad and hold it down until directed to release it.

Step 2

Press and hold the "Light" and "Push Bar" buttons on the Motion Detecting Door Control, while continuing to hold the "Enter" button on the electronic keypad.

Step 3

Release the "Enter," "Light" and "Push Bar" buttons when you see the indicator lights on the garage door opener's motor unit flash. Note that flashing motor unit lights indicate that the keypad has been programmed successfully.


  • Chamberlain keypad programming instructions vary by garage door opening system model. Contact Chamberlain's customer service for model-specific keypad programming advice.
  • If the electronic keypad has already been mounted outside the garage, you will need a second person to help with the programming process. Have one person enter the personal identification code and hold the "Enter" button while the other holds the "Light" and "Push Bar" buttons on the Motion Detecting Door Control.

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