How to Reset a Craftsman Keypad

Craftsman garage door keypads are installed on the outside of the garage door and allow you to open your garage door without a garage door opener. A personalized code is entered into the keypad, which, when entered properly, will open the garage door. Often, a new homeowner will move into a house and not know the code to the garage door keypad, or the code will be forgotten. In this instance, you should reset the keypad, then enter a new code.

Reset a Craftsman Keypad
  1. Lift the cover of the keypad and then enter a new 4-digit code.

  2. Press and hold the "Enter" button on the keypad.

  3. Press the "SRT" button on the rear of the garage door opener while holding the "Enter" button on the keypad. If the keypad is mounted, have a partner press the "SRT" button while you hold the "Enter" button.

  4. Wait for either the keypad lights to flash, or the garage door to open or close and then release the "Enter" button.