How to Reprogram a Genie Screw-Drive Garage Door Opener Pad

Known primarily for its radio-controlled garage door openers, the Genie Company offers a line of popular accessories to make the company's door opening systems more convenient and easy to use.

Compatible with Genie's most popular garage door opener models, the Genie Intellicode pad is designed to be mounted just outside your garage. If you are unable to find your remote control, you can enter a personal identification number into the pad to operate your automatic garage door. If your pad malfunctions, reprogram it to your Genie screw-drive garage door opener.

Reset your Genie garage door opener pad to factory settings before reprogramming it. Raise the electronic pad cover only halfway. Reach under the partially opened cover and hold down the "8" and "PROG" buttons with one hand while opening the cover the rest of the way with the other hand. Lower the pad cover when the indicator light blinks, then turns off.

Open the electronic pad cover all the way. Wait for the indicator light to blink and turn off before proceeding; this indicates that pad is ready for reprogramming.

Use the number keys on the pad to input the following sequence: "3," "5," "7" and "PROG"; enter the sequence as quickly as possible so the program period doesn't lapse. Watch the indicator light; a light that blinks once per second indicates that you have successfully accessed the programming mode.

Select a personal identification number (PIN) that is between three and eight digits long. Note that the PIN that you choose should be easy for you to remember but difficult for anyone else to guess. Enter your desired PIN and press the "PROG" button to confirm.

Close the pad cover to complete the reprogramming process.


  • Program the electronic pad to operate your Genie garage door opener. Examine the opener's overhead motor unit to locate the "Learn Code" button; press it. Raise the pad cover all the way and input your PIN. Press the "Send" button on the pad repeatedly until the garage door begins to move.


  • Never allow more than 30 seconds to elapse between completing each step. Pauses 30 seconds and longer will cause the device to automatically exit the programming mode.

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