How to Reprogram a Garage Door Opener Pad

Reprogramming a garage door opener pad does not require you to have any sort of special garage door opener expertise.

Craftsman and LiftMaster Keypads

Reprogramming these devices takes only a few moments to complete, and you do not need to touch the garage door opener motor unit as you would need to do if you were reprogramming a hand-held remote.

Enter the current PIN into the keypad.

Push and hold the "#" button.

Release the "#" button when the keypad blinks two times.

Press the numbers for the new four-digit PIN you want to use.

Press "Enter." The motor unit light will blink once.

Enter the four-digit PIN and press "Enter" to test the garage door opener.

Domino Keypads

Slide the switch on the device to the "On" or "Program" position.

Push "Enter."

Enter your PIN. The PIN can be as many as six digits.

Push "Enter."

Slide the switch back to "Operate" or "Off."