How to Program the Hunter XC Irrigation Controller

Headquartered in San Marcos, California, Hunter Industries manufacturers residential and commercial landscape equipment and irrigation systems. The Hunter XC is an entry-level residential irrigation controller that was available in models with two, four, six or eight watering stations. It was discontinued in 2010. Thanks to clearly labeled setting buttons and an intuitive setup process, programming a Hunter Industries XC irrigation controller takes just minutes.

Close-up of sprinkler system over pebbles and plants

Step 1

Turn the "Control" dial to the "Current Time/Day" position to cause the current year to flash on the digital display. Set the year to the desired value using the "+" and "-" buttons at the top of the irrigation controller. Press the "Right" arrow button to save your change and advance the flashing text to the month indicator. Use the same process to set the month, day and time, and press the "Right" arrow button to confirm each change.

Step 2

Move the "Control" dial into the "Start Time" position. "Program A" and its start time will appear on the display screen. You can also press the "PRG" button to access "Program B" or "Program C." Adjust the start time, as desired, using the "+" and "-" buttons. Each button depression will advance or decrease the start time by 15 minutes. You can press the "Right" arrow button to add a start time, if desired. Press the "PRG" button and use the same process to set the start time for "Program B" or "Program C."

Step 3

Turn the "Control" dial to the "Start Time" position, use the "+" and "-" buttons to adjust the time on the display screen to "12:00 AM," and press the "-" once to turn off a programmed start time.

Step 4

Move the "Control" dial to the "Run Times" position to display the most recently selected program and watering station. Press the "PRG" button to select a different program, if desired. Use the "+" and "-" buttons to program how long you want the controller to water that particular station. Press the "Right" arrow button to display the next station. Use the same process to set the run time for each watering station.

Step 5

Rotate the "Control" dial to the "Water Days" position to display the last selected program, or press "PRG" to choose a different program. Note the seven days of the week at the bottom of the display. Watering days are indicated with a raindrop icon, while nonwatering days are indicated with a raindrop icon with a slash mark through it. Press the "+" button to make the selected day a watering day or the "-" to cancel the watering for that day. The cursor will advance automatically as each day is set.

Step 6

Move the "Control" dial into the "Run" position, and watering will occur on the specified days and times.

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