Genie Intellicode Keypad Instructions

The Genie Intellicode technology is designed to offer an extra sense of security for Genie remote control garage door openers. These code systems are made to automatically change codes every time the door is opened, to prevent anyone from capturing your door code and gaining access to your home through your garage. The Genie Intellicode Keypad is the main control panel for the Genie door system. The basic programming instructions for the Intellicode Keypad are fairly straightforward.

  1. Lift the cover on the keypad. The indicator light will blink once when you open the keypad cover.

  2. Press "3-5-7" into the number pad on the key pad; then press the "Prog" button. The indicator light will blink once again.

  3. Enter a PIN number of your choice. The PIN number may be up to eight digits. Then press the "Prog" button again. The indicator light will blink twice, indicating the keypad is ready to be programmed to the remote opener.

  4. Press the "Learn Code" button on the door opener remote. The code LED will flash on the remote.

  5. Enter the PIN number into the keypad; then press the "Send" button on the remote four times or until the garage door begins to open.

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